Aug 31st

Its half passed midnight and alls quiet in the house. I can hear a few cars passing by on 4th and voices in the distance. I am not in my own bed; I’m right back to where I began, on the couch. Only this time it is my couch, at least for another few hours. I have my own pillow, and comforter so it is not so strange. We are moving out, all of us. A year ago I was writing about the dresser I put on a skateboard for 25+ blocks. It was sold yesterday, time flies. I woke up this morning and headed to the old VFS campus for the last time, for a sound check on my film. It looks and sounds great, and I am excited to put it online shortly. The 8 animators present during the sound sessions lingered around the studio in disbelief. We looked on at each others work knowing that in 1 week it will not be from a distance nor on a small screen it’ll be on the big screen at grad.

It’s so funny how often people say the year’s fly by. They really do, especially the second half. As I look at my room for the last time from the couch I see my stuff all piled up. I’m trying to keep George Carlin happy and only keeping a little bit of ‘stuff’. It is ready to make a quick pit stop at Keyvins for 8 days and then back home. Home. What a word. I’ll talk about that later.


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