FLYING. I find myself flying once more. However this time I am not eager to start a new adventure across the country. I am coming back down to earth after my grandmothers funeral. Bubbie Bella passes away Monday night surrounded by her loved ones. I was holding her hand. Her last few days were difficult, yet wonderful. I have learned so much in the past week, and have felt things I couldn’t imagine. A pulse fade, a last breath.

I was supposed to be flying Monday evening but plans change and my decision to stay with her and my family was the best decision I’ve made. Family is most important, everything else is secondary. Bubbie knew this all so well as it shows from the outpouring of love she received. That is her legacy. May we all strive to emulate such a life. Spending time with family and seeing all of the lives affected by bubbie once again demonstrates the importance of love. I personally had a magical young lady visit me and my family showing her love and support. All of this has opened my eyes to recognizing the important things. They are not school, work nor distance. They are not convenience over inconvenience. They are not Yeti’s for breakfast, not even sasquatch’s for lunch. They are family, love, and compassion, all of which Bubbie demonstrated throughout her 98 years. Goodnight Bubbie, you may keep your orange bookmark.


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