Exhale. End of Term one has arrived, and so has the rain. Tap tap clickity clack I hear as it hits the window. It is a calming, soft and subtle sound. A stark contrast to the past few days. The sleepless nights have taken their toll, and I welcome that much-needed deep breath. So, what keeps you going? Why do we do the things we do? What makes you work at school until 6am, bike home, sleep for 90 minutes and come back for a 9am class? Why you might ask? Well, I do this because I love this shit. Period. Sure, I’m taxed, tired, and have completely emptied the tank, but the funny thing is, I look forward to monday when it all starts again.

Here is some of my work thus far:

The Still Life:

Objects UV-ed:

Objects Textured:

Lenny the Lamp:

LennyLamp from Josh Adler on Vimeo.

Dub Dub Floursack:

Dub Dub Floursack from Josh Adler on Vimeo.


Airplane Layout:

Natural History Museum Lighting (set provided):

Bedroom Day Lighting (set provided):

Bedroom Night Lighting (set provided):

Design Project:

We were provided with a story concept, and had to deliver the visuals. I was project manager and environment designer. In Brief the story is about kids spotting an alien landing in rural BC. The house belongs to a boy named Geoffrey and he has a treehouse that resembles a spaceship (millenium falcon). Here are parts of the PDF as well as my credits:

All of the Enviro:

Treehouse and Background:

Top left, Middle, Bottom:

All of the Enviro, minus weeds, trees and the painted yard props:

Initial Enviro concept and design, minus coloured objects:

WIP treehouse 3D:


Concept Final:



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